About us

The Nilen heritage stems from long-standing experience in the cotton manufacturing industry. The everyday luxury of sleeping is something we cherish and our goal is to make the best out of that experience to share with our customers. Our passion is to craft high quality fibers into a bedding set and elevate your sleeping experience.


Our inspiration comes directly from the fruitful banks of the Nile Delta Valley. As Egyptians have depended on the mythical Nile River to provide their livelihood for centuries, we want to cherish the heritage of the native inhabitants.

"He who once drunk of Nile water will forever yearn to be by the Nile again." - Mika Waltari

Long-standing heritage of the Egyptian cotton

The Nile River flows north from east-central Africa to the Mediterranean Sea. The river provided ancient Egypt with fertile soil and water, as well as a means of transporting materials for building projects, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Its vital waters enabled cities to sprout in the midst of a desert.

The cotton plant was recorded from Egypt in the Dynastic Period as early as 2500 BC. Many writers and relief sculptures as well as hieroglyphic symbols confirm cotton cultivation during this period.

The ancient Egyptians thought of Egypt as being divided into two types of land, the 'black land' and the 'red land'. The Nile River area, 'black land', was the fertile land on the banks of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians used this land for growing their crops. This was the only land in ancient Egypt that could be farmed because a layer of rich, black silt was deposited there every year after the Nile flooded.

Cotton crops require both a hot climate and a rich soil to truly flourish. This makes the Nile region in Egypt perfect for cotton and is a reason why high grade cotton has been grown there for millennia.

Sustainable manufacturing
Production and Quality

Nilen products are manufactured by an accredited supplier and highly skilled labor force. We have no in-house manufacturing. The manufacturing process utilizes high-quality machinery and quality control to guarantee durability of the product (the spinning solutions are from Itema Italy and Rieter Switzerland). The cotton is handpicked to ensure integrity of the cotton ball in the harvesting process. Our supplier shares our core values in producing the highest quality products using ethical and sustainable methods. All stages of the manufacturing process happen locally in Egypt.

How do we achieve such consistent stunning quality? Fabrics made of Egyptian cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton. Finer yarns mean a higher thread count, the percale weave of the fabric is significantly stronger and lasts a lot longer than regular cotton or sateen. It is the latest techniques and the preparation of the fabrics that affect the feel and characteristics of the product.

Sustainable Products

Our care instructions guide the customer to keep the products beautiful and long-lasting. Nilen Oy textile articles carry the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label, hence you can be certain that every thread, button and other accessories has been tested for harmful substances. We strive for environmentally friendly solutions in all our operations and our commitment to sustainability is rooted in the belief that for its continued and future growth, Nilen must actively address the challenges facing its industry and the world at large. Nilen constantly seeks for more sustainable energy saving solutions together with our suppliers and logistics partners.

Customer packaging pouches made of the historic Egyptian linen

Flax was a major crop in ancient Egypt, and provided the fiber for linen. Egyptians were using this fiber already in Neolithic times, the final division of the Stone Age.

The earliest surviving fragments of linen cloth have been found in Egyptian tombs and date to around 4500 BCE.

Our Egyptian linen packaging represents the everlasting unique qualities that last over a lifetime. 

Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics known to mankind.




Nilen Oy (Ltd.) is aware of companies selling falsely advertised cotton products as being made of "100% Egyptian cotton".

Manufacturers often state that they produce pure Egyptian cotton products but still blend Egyptian cotton with other cotton varieties, or do not use Egyptian cotton at all.

The reality is that Egyptian cotton holds its rare qualities only when grown in Egypt at the Nile River’s unique climatic conditions and fertile soil. 

It is our priority to defend and protect our customer. Our commitment in certification (Cotton Egypt Association™) and DNA testing procedures ensures that you, the customer, are purchasing high-quality products made of pure Egyptian cotton. The DNA based traceability is crucial because most brands cannot trace the origin of their cotton.

Genuine Nilen products are only available through our website and our retailer Unille Oy.